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12µm. Microns
TCIDH Laser Series
TCIDH Laser Series
LWIR uncooled Vox micro-bolometer
Spectral range 8-14µm.
Resolution 1280x1024 or 640x512
Pixel pitch 12µm.
Framerate 25/30fps.
NETD <40mK.
H.265/H.264/MJPEG multistream
High speed positioning system, with -90/90º tilt
Infrared lens lens up to 100mm.
Infrared lens autofocus or fix focus
Day/Night 2mp. to 8mp. resolution
Day/Night camera up to 540mm.
Laser illuminator 1000m. or 2000m.
Video analytics
AI object classification / AI tracking
24v. DC power
Military connectors
IP66 waterproof / Salt proof
Heater/cooler/lens defroster
Onvif/Profile S