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TeleScout - Homeland security and large installations
TeleScout - Homeland security and large installations
Powerful and highly advanced command and control system. Designed to provide a highly-customizable, user-friendly environment for security / surveillance applications. Able to control EOIR systems, integrate radars and 2D/3D geo-referenced dynamic maps.

Large scale systems with several stations and substations, control check points or any other type of access.

Telescout applications range from large scale systems to Homeland security control rooms, able to control remotely all the substations and to monitor and display large TV walls.

Tele Scout is able to be used as a multi-server/client system, control unlimited number of cameras and devices such as access control, advanced video analytics with face detection or LPR. PIR and fence vibration sensors, radars, EORI, UGS, track moving objects, GIS maps.

TeleScout includes incident management function to plan and arrange quick actions in emergency or security alarms and the capability to send information to mobile devices such as tablets or mobile computers.